Accueil +Écologie Une entreprise britannique met au point un dirigeable écologique

Une entreprise britannique met au point un dirigeable écologique

L’avion est le moyen de transport le plus polluant et représente 2% des rejets mondiaux de CO2. Ces préoccupations écologiques ont poussé la société de dirigeables britannique VariaLift Airships, à mettre au point un dirigeable à énergie solaire.

Le dirigeable « tout-aluminium » utilisera de l’hélium, élément plus sûr que l’hydrogène hautement inflammable et sera capable de transporter 50 tonnes de charge pour une vitesse de vol pouvant atteindre les 350km/h. Les concepteurs britanniques affirment que l’engin consommera 90% moins de carburant qu’un avion à réaction lors d’un vol transatlantique.

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  1. Avec 10 ans de retard par rapport à la construction des premiers éléments de test. Voici de l’information fraiche.

    The idea of building a variable lift airship first occurred to Alan Handley in the early 2000s. He filed for European, US and HK China patents in April 2004. All were granted.

    In 2007 Alan Handley started raising global awareness of the huge potential for variable lift airships through a series of presentations at relevant conferences and symposia across the world. In all, presentations were made to 11 separate events (listed below), leading to Varialift becoming viewed by most experts as the most promising technology to deliver wide scale airship cargo services.

    A section of a prototype airship was constructed in 2010-2011 to test the variable lift concept. The project was completed in November 2011 when the test flight was successfully conducted and the unit lifted off the ground under full control using its variable buoyancy units. The first man to be lifted into the air was Mr David Bacon, a long standing friend of Alan Handley.

    From 2012 Alan Handley, now CEO of Varialift Airships Plc, and Varialift Business Development Director Ernesto Soria Garcia focussed on raising finance to move to full scale construction. They also set out to identify a suitable location for the first manufacturing site. In this period they also refined the manufacturing process design, devising the “Car Wash” assembly concept.

    From 2012-2016 Handley and Soria held discussions with a number of local authorities in France who were competing to attract investment to disused military airfields and facilities. Agreement was finally reached with the Prefecture of Eure et Loir, the town of Chateaudun and the French Ministry of Defence in 2016. Varialift Manufacturing France SARL was duly set up in November 2016 and recruitment of designers and manufacturing line employees commenced.